Harvest Bible Fellowship was formed in 2002 as an independent, non-profit association with a passion for Jesus Christ and a mission to act on His vision to build His church. The Fellowship plants churches and builds relationships among church leaders that edify, protect, encourage and support.

At Harvest we believe in equipping the next generation with the tools needed to stand strong in a world of sin and temptation. We are centered around the Gospel, so that whatever we do, whether it be play a game, go on a trip, sing a worship song, or listen to a message, Christ gets all the glory!

Each Harvest Bible Chapel is an elder-governed church that has no central office above and beyond the local congregation. Any influence the Fellowship has over each church is granted by that church's leaders. The Fellowship intentionally seeks to influence by relationship, not by mandate. 

When a new church is planted, the Fellowship acts as overseers of the new church in its first 12 months after public launch. After that year, the church's senior pastor and the Fellowship choose elders from within the local congregation.