We were very excited to have Dr. Stuart Scott as our speaker for the Vertical Marriage Conference.  Dr. Scott is associate Professor of Biblical Counseling at Masters University and adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling at Southern Seminary and has helped many couples transform their marriages.  He has very kindly allowed us to put all of his material from the conference on our website.  Whether you missed the conference or you were there and would like to review it, this material is a great reference.

Conference Audio

conference MAterial

Booklet Notes - This is the booklet that was handed out to everyone in attendance.

If you would like a copy of Dr. Scott's PowerPoint presentations, please send a request to info@harvesthoustonnw.org.

about the speaker

Dr. Stuart Scott is the Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling at Master's University in Southern California and Adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling at Southern Seminary. He has over 30 years of experience in counseling and pastoral ministry, including 10 years as associate pastor of family ministries and counseling at Grace Community Church under John MacArthur. He is a fellow and member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and serves as the executive director of the One-Eighty Counseling and Education ministry (a nonprofit ministry partnering with local churches to help equip them in soul care). Dr. Scott is the author of The Exemplary Husband; From Pride to Humility; Biblical Manhood; Communication and Conflict Resolution; Anger, Anxiety and Fear; Killing Sin Habits; The Faithful Parent (co-authored with Martha Peace). He co-edited the book Counseling the Hard Cases and is a contributor to the books Think Biblically and Christianity and Counseling: Five Approaches.